Neural Networking

Our basic Artificial Neural Network includes the following features

  • Object Orientated - arbitrary number of neurons and unlimited connectivity between neurons with minimum memory usage
  • Supports Experience datasets and objects for real time training in environments (input/output information)
  • Supports both reading and writing of networks to XML (to store neural networks in computer/human readable format)
  • Supports recursive subnetting
  • Currently fitted with a standard back propagation algorithm
  • Supports 3D vector graphics report generation - can output its structure and properties to a 3D vector graphics file format for display using an OpenGL/RayTrace Renderer
  • Supports export to vector graphics file (SVG, LDR)
  • Operating system independent development - ISO C++ (currently available on Linux EL5/EL6/EL7/UB14/UB16 and Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10)
Product Name Support Source License
Neural Network application (Beta) LinuxRed Hat LinuxUbuntu LinuxWin Req. Quote (view source online)