Sequentially Activated Neural Networking

sequentially activated neural network

*This software implements a sequentially activated neuronal input unsupervised learning algorithm. For an overview of BAI classical backpropagation ANN, see Classical Neural Networking.

BAI Sequentially Activated Neuronal Input technology currently includes the following features

  • Supports reading of networks from XML (computer/human readable format)
  • Supports unsupervised generation of SANI network from (textual) sequential input data
  • Supports definition of NLP combined syntactical-semantic parse trees
  • Operating system independent development - ISO C++ (currently available on Linux EL5/EL6/EL7/EL8/UB14/UB16/UB20 and Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10)

For an overview of this technology, see the "Sequentially Activated Neuronal Input (SANI) neural network" video demonstration.

Technology Name Support Source License Source Documentation
Sequentially Activated Neuronal Input (SANI) LinuxRed Hat LinuxUbuntu LinuxWin Proprietary (view source online) Auto Documentation